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Frankfort new load-shedding schedule

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Dear Mafube Residents

As you are all aware, when load shedding was applied in Frankfort the town as a whole was switched off. As a result of this wholesale load shedding it created the opportunity for thieves to target the network for looting. This in spite of the nearby Solar Plant generating 3,780kW of renewable power (for a town using around 6,500KW), constructed with funds provided by community members, is available for distribution to the town and its people, provided the network remains energised.

After numerous engagements with Eskom, RFS is very pleased to announce that ESKOM is working with RFS to optimise load shedding in Frankfort on a trial basis to see how best to serve the community.

This would simply mean that instead of Eskom switching off the main switch RFS took control and divided the town into 4 different zones. There will still be Load Shedding and it will still be the same as if Eskom implements BUT the whole town will not be in the dark at the same time and the electricity generated by the solar Plants will not go wasted, hopefully in time as we gather more data, the impact of load shedding may be reduced whilst adhering to all regulations. The solar plants will therefor assist with the electricity shortfall.

See the map depicting the zones into which Frankfort has been divided for the rotational load shedding along with the load shedding schedule which will take effect as of 1 February 2023 midnight. The map and schedule is also available on our website

RFS has also sent a copy of the area map and schedule to all electricity users via email and social media. We also ask that community groups and residents share this information among one another so that all are aware.

We believe that like us, you are hopeful that the new changes will in time bring forth very positive results to in a small manner start alleviating some of the hardship that is caused by the energy crisis.

Yours Truly

Gugu Mokoena

General Manager RFS

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