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Nersa RFS Letters regarding Voiding

Letter by Nersa received by RFS on 16 Aug 2023. RFS response sent on 18 Aug 2023.

Extract from Nersa 16 Aug 2023
In the circumstances, there being no record of a Nersa approved agency agreement, the Municipality not being in support of RFS undertaking, the PV plant not having been registered, the system operator and technical requirements not having been satisfied, mediation is futile.

Extract from RFS 18 Aug 2023
Nersa has not only failed to make the necessary enquiries internally before making bald and unsubstantiated statements in writing but has not given our client the opportunity to provide Nersa with the relevant source documents and a response to the statements prior to the correspondence being sent out.
The community of Frankfort is now, at the hands of Nersa and the Municipality, burdened with loadshedding which could have been avoided and/ or reduced due to the introduction of the new generation capacity at the load centre and our clients "voiding" program.



Nersa RFS Letters regarding Voiding 2023 08
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