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Reduction in load-shedding

Dear Frankfort residents, businesses, and food producers.

The new load-shedding cycles are becoming more consistent with all Rural planners and operators getting used to the tough new switching programmes.

To keep all of you informed, we wish to bring the following to your attention for the 7 days starting 22 February to 28 February 2023:-

  • Eskom necessitated 276 hours of load shedding for all 5 zones combined, over the 7 days.

  • RFS applied 226.5 hours of load shedding without compromising Eskom’s requirement as the power was being supplied from the community sun farm.

  • The community sun farm was therefore responsible to reduce load shedding to the community by around 18% over the 7-day period. This resulted in less diesel being used and/or less inconvenience suffered.

We will share the statistics with you every week going forward.

From the Rural team.

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