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RFS Response to Mayor comments

Rural’s commentary pertaining to the very unfortunate slanderous, inaccurate and simply wrong remarks made by the Mayor to viewers of eNCA regarding his announcement that the Mafube municipal staff’s salaries won't be paid for the next 3 months by the Mafube Local Municipality:

Rural is in the process of taking up with the Mayor, his slanderous and wrong comments.

The following corrections pertaining the Mayor’s remarks:-

  1. Mafube did not sell its electricity business to Rural;

  2. The Municipality was not functioning well before Rural commenced the services, with electricity already indicating a gross loss of - R10,069,158 in its 2011 audited financial statements 

  3. The problems of the Municipality started long before Rural came onto the scene;

  4. Mafube does have access to electricity to perform credit control. To make use of this credit control function, the Municipalities accounting should be credible;

  5. Services delivery in Mafube collapsed due to corruption, incompetence and mismanagement;

  6. Rural offered multiple times to assist the Municipality to normalize its revenue collection at NO CHARGE, which offers were rejected (a number of times) by the Municipality. 

From Mafube’s own financial statements at the time, it was obvious that their electricity business (alongside the other services) was failing and the councillors and officials at the time, acted in the best interest of the community when they decided to outsource the electricity services to ensure that infrastructure was maintained and services actually delivered.

The Mayor again sees the answer as to take electricity funds and rather spend it on other items. Is this not what got Mafube into the mess in the first place?


The Rural Free State team.

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