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Tariff increase 2021/22

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Dear Customer,

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) approved Eskom’s request to

increase the average electricity price by 15.63% on 1 April 21; which will come into

effect as of July the 1st. NERSA approved tariff increases for Municipalities by 14.59%

It is important to bear in mind that consumers who receive their electricity from

municipalities which make use of seasonal tariffs like RFS will experience a higher rise

in cost due to the new tariffs taking effect while the winter tariffs are also applied.

The winter or High Demand Tariffs for the municipalities are more expensive and are

applied as of June to August to coincide with the higher winter rates charged by

ESKOM. If you are billed on the seasonal Time of Use tariff, your required payments to

be made in July, August and September will be significantly higher than that for the

remainder of the year.

When you are thus billed for the winter months it is wise to compare your usage (kWh)

in comparison to previous months and should this not deviate much the increase

experienced is purely due to the increase in the applied rate. Tariffs are clearly reflected on our invoices and are available on the RFS Customer portal

We trust the above will enable you to make provisions and budget accordingly.

Yours faithfully.

The Rural Free State Team

Approved Mafube Tariffs 2021 2022
Download PDF • 87KB
RFS Tariff Increase June 21
Download PDF • 151KB

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