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The Case Study Mafube Local Municipality

Rural Maintenance:

Rural Maintenance (private sector), which took over electricity-related service delivery and maintenance operations in Mafube in Feb 2012. Since then:

  1. Rural paid MLM royalties of R22,214,365.37 to the Mafube Local Municipality

  2. Rural invested R120 m to upgrade and strengthen the network infrastructure.

  3. Rural resolved 94,462 traceable customer queries.

  4. Rural paid Eskom R709,357,581 on behalf of MLM for bulk electricity purchases.

  5. MLM electricity network is in very good condition.

  6. Only 65 instances of bad debt write-offs have occurred in a customer base of 12,909 over roughly 11 years.

  7. Rural tariff increases to consumers, below NERSA-approved tariff increases.

  8. Technical & nontechnical losses at around 6%.

  9. Staff increased from 12 to 40 full-time local members.

  10. Business and community sentiment is positive, regardless of challenges with water, sanitation, and solid waste - the property prices of Mafube exceed those of neighboring towns due to the good state of the electrical network and service delivery.

  11. Rural instrumental in assisting community structures to deploy in excess of 4 MW of renewables.

Rural Community Reviews:

Below are inserts of messages from the local community where they rate the service they received from the Electricity Call Centre and the RFS Technicians.

In conclusion,

From the above, it is obvious that the involvement of the private sector had a positive effect on electricity-related service delivery in Mafube. Lower electricity tariffs, reliable service delivery, and a network that is only off during load shedding are factual evidence of this and one only needs to compare to the other municipalities in the Free State and other provinces to substantiate this further. Apart from this NERSA has also regularly audited the electrical service delivery and network to ensure RFS is in compliance with the distribution license. This audit RFS has passed at all times.

How can you help?

All power outage issues can be reported to us through the below channels.

  • Sharecall line: 0860 111 440

  • sms 44626 or

  • whatsapp 076 352 3347

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