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Rural Free State (Pty) Ltd is a private Electricity Distributor that maintains and manages the local electrical infrastructure within the Mafube Local Municipal area. In a world of technology, people make the difference which is why we work so hard to maintain and develop skills from the call center support to the field team engineers. As a business within a community we believe the best service for the people is delivered by the people from within the community. 

In a world of technology, people make the difference.

service for the people
by the people

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Dear fellow Energy enthusiasts.

Today we are using our audience base to share a story that is very personal for us. As an electricity distribution business committed to providing services for the community from within the community (our motto: service for the people by the people), it frustrates us to not be allowed to do all we can to reduce the burden of poor electricity continuity of supply to our community. 

We would like to share a petition to hear your thoughts or support for communities to maximize the use of solar energy to reduce the impact of load shedding. We demonstrated an ethical and responsible solution. What do you think? Your response will help to guide our way forward.

Please click on the link to support this initiative. Please also share!

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