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Progress and Status of the Project

By Rural Free State (RFS)

Rural has procured at its own cost and risk one (1) 980 KWh lithium iron battery. This battery will be used for a short period, to pilot the planned project for both Rural and the community to experience the effects and see if it provides the desired results.

This demonstration project will be limited to main business centra located predominantly in JJ Hadebe street, between Mark Street and Frankfort Street.

The demonstration project will commence anytime between the middle of September and the end of September and will run for a period of two (2) to three (3) weeks. During this period electricity users will experience little or no Loadshedding, depending on the Stage of Loadshedding as instructed by Eskom. For example if Stage 1 to 5 is announced, we do not expect there to be any loadshedding. Higher stages, stage 6 and above, may attract one or two stages of loadshedding only.

During this demonstration project there will be no increased electricity tariffs and electricity users who wish to be part of the Community Battery Scheme, must not yet make any contributions.

Once the results of the demonstration project is satisfactory, then all will be informed accordingly so that paperwork can be completed and batteries then be rolled out.

The way forward will be published on this website and also on the Frankfort Battery website.

The RFS Team

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