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Response to Mafube press release

Written by: Adv MF Lepheane (8th of August 2023)

Dear Mafube Community

We have noted the letter published by the Municipal Manager Mr MF Lepheane. We noted that he has sighted a WhatsApp message (which was included in the letter) but failed to attach the official letter received from Eskom to which the WhatsApp message was referring.

For your convenience, we have attached the original letter and highlighted the section that was originally referred to.

Rural provides a service to the community of Mafube and we will continue to provide our best possible service to all our end users.

Yours Truly

Gugu Mokoena

General Manager RFS


2023 08 04 Eskom's Response on RFS' Tweeling Self-loadshedding
Download PDF • 238KB

2023 08 08 Adv MF Lepheane Letter
Download PDF • 221KB

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