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RFS letter to Mafube regarding Tweeling

17 August 2023

Dear Adv. Lepheane,


From the onset, we wish to thank you for changing your stance towards Rural Free State in that you have retracted your objection to Rural implementing self loadshedding in Tweeling also.

The benefits to the community is obvious.

As far as the “complaints” that you wish to raise is concerned, we respond as follows.

  • We acknowledges receipt of your letter dated 16 Aug 2023.

  • It is however surprising that your letter (received at 16h14 on Wednesday 16 August) with alleged complaints from the community, is received during the first few hours of the commencement of our self loadshedding implementation. We only started with self loadshedding on Wednesday 16 August 2023.

  • During our Mrs Mokoena’s meeting with the Acting Technical Director at your offices on 15 August 2023 (when you could again not avail yourself to meet with us due to the fact that you were so busy), we explicitly requested that any questions or concerns raised by the community with regards to Tweeling Self loadshedding be referred to RFS so that we could thoroughly deal with each and every legitimate complaint.

  • Our records indicate that we have thus far not received any complaints from the community, either registered through our call center or online portals nor was anything reported to any of our staff members.

  • We have just in the last year, dealt with 147 requests for service and/or information from the very Tweeling community. They are therefor well aware of our contact details.

With regards to RFS Self loadshedding, please note the following:

  1. RFS loadshedding schedules have been approved by Eskom in accordance with NRS 048-9 and its in line with Eskom’s loadshedding hours. In fact, we are simply executing Eskom’s instructions.

  2. Each zone is allocated the same number of hours per stage on a rotational basis, otherwise the loadshedding will not be fair. Please again, find our Tweeling self loadshedding submission to Eskom attached as Annexure 1.

  3. When Eskom announces a loadshedding stage change, certain zones may be impacted slightly different, but over a period of time zonal loadshedding balances out as loadshedding is rotational. Please consult NRS048-9 to get clarity as to the rational of loadshedding.

In response to the complaints you are referring to in your letter, please refer to the following detailed responses by RFS:

Alleged “community complaints”

RFS responses

​That Rural implements two or three sets of loadshedding schedules of one hour thirty minutes each, resulting about 3 hours of loadshedding in scheduled times.

  1. Tweeling is now divided into 3 loadshedding zones.

  2. The loadshedding must be divided equally among the zones on a rotational basis. In this manner RFS ensures compliance to Eskom’s instructions and with NRS 048-9.

  3. The point that you are trying to make, is quite unclear?

That Rural did not communicate with the community about the loadshedding schedules.

  1. Please remember, Eskom informed us in writing in a letter dated 4 August, that Mafube instructed Eskom to not proceed with RFS’s Tweeling application. For your convenience, see Annex 2.

  2. Subsequent to Mafube’s change of heart or that you could find time to reconsider, Eskom informed RFS of its Tweeling Approval on Friday 11 August. RFS actually postponed the implementation (as Eskom wanted it to happen even earlier, being the 14th of August) to Wednesday 16 August 2023 in order for RFS to inform the community that self loadshedding was now going to happen.

  3. Please find below documented proof that the community was duly informed.

Vending Stations

Date: 14 August 2023 (Monday)

Views by community: 644

Locations: Vendors and commercial concerns.

Website Post

Date: 14 Aug 2023

Views: 562


Facebook Post

Date: 14 Aug 2023

Views: 4’173

Positive reactions: 28

Negative reactions: 0


Facebook Post (Follow up)

Date: 16 Aug 2023

Views: 329

Positive reactions: 2

Negative reactions: 0


That the new self loadshedding as implemented by Rural is resulting in the damage of their electrical implements and it is an inconvenience.

  1. ​RFS has no knowledge of any complaints raised by the community members pertaining to any damage.

  2. As loadshedding only commenced on the 16th of August (yesterday), it is highly questionable that there is any merrit in your hearsay. Remember, the same Tweeling community has been experiencing multiple daily power cuts by Eskom for many many months. How is it different when the switche is now simply operated by RFS instead of Eskom? The same powercut - the same effect.

  3. Please refer the customers to register their issues directly with RFS via any of the electronic portals, in which case they will get a reference number. This reference number will then be used to track the “issue” and make sure its gets our fullest attention.

  4. The next time you receive “community complaints”, please ask them for their reference number and then we will be in a position to engage with you on such matters.

Since RFS started implementing loadshedding in Tweeling yesterday the 16th of August, only 3 hrs per zone has been executed as per the Eskom approved loadshedding schedule.

Had Eskom still conducted the loadshedding yesterday the 16th of August, the entire town would have been off for 5 hours (between 04:00-06:30 and 12:00-14:30) if one considers the published Eskom schedule and associated level of loadshedding for the day in question.

Even though the factual data so presented above speaks for itself, we yet again extend our hand and request that you find time to engage with us. Can you imagine how the community could benefit IF you are willing to engage with us and support us in our demonstrated initiatives where the community members are the winners?

I would appreciate it if you could make direct contact with our Mrs Gugu Mokoena pertaining these operational matters as she is on site, serving the community with passion. Although she too is quite busy, she will always make time for you and your team as has always been the case over the last 12 years.

I look forward to building a constructive relationship with yourself going forward.


Chris Bosch



2023 08 17 Letter to Adv Lepheane
Download PDF • 2.91MB

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